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Maintenance Program

We can tailor our maintenance programs to our clients’ needs. The programs can vary from an Evergreen Program that just performs maintenance over the required number of years without a full repaint in the program.

†he most common program is a 6 year one that has a full repaint in the first year followed by maintenance each year after for the term of the program. The main advantages of this method of property maintenance is your building is kept in excellent condition with a consistent appearance. It also spreads your costs with equal payments over the term of the program rather than having a large expense in the year of the major repaint, which makes budgeting much easier.

Our range of services include:

Maintenance painting programs tailored specifically to the needs of your property.

Specialized surface preparation such as abrasive blasting, high pressure water cleaning and chemical cleaning.

Application of a range of specialized heavy duty protective coatings.

Graffiti removal and application of anti graffiti coating systems.

Building identification and directional signage.

Flexible payment options, backed by our quality assurance guarantees.

Annual washdowns and touch up areas where timber has split or aged due to exposure to the north and west sun.

Clean spoutings

Annual washdowns of kitchen, bathrooms and laundries.

Touch up areas of skirtings, doors, kitchen cupboards etc., which are subject to heavy use.