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Residential Painting

Cambridge Services specialize in residential painting. In focusing on residential properties, our staff regularly attend specialty product training nights and courses that complement the changing trends of the Painting & Decorating industry. Our team is able to handle two and three story buildings as we are also scaffolders and can operate any elevated work platform (cherry picker).

If a house is not properly maintained, the owner can face paint peeling, blistering and cracking. These conditions can reduce the value of the house and rot or rust can set in.

Save costs by being proactive before such problems are visible.

D.I.Y vs Painting Contractors

Money usually dictates whether you choose to do it yourself, or to contract the work out. Other factors can include the cost of equipment you will have to rent or buy, the amount of time you are willing to spend on it, and your confidence in your own skills. On the other hand, if you contract it out, you wont have the sense of accomplishment of having done it yourself. Additional factors can include experience, guarantees, and contacts. Having an experienced contractor will save you money by doing the job right the first time. There is no guarantee for a DIY, whereas a contractor has his reputation to protect. A contractor also has established contacts for materials.

When hiring a painting contractor, they should not only offer a competitive price, but also efficient production and quality materials.