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Texture Coating

Dulux AcraTex preparation products are engineered for the task at hand of preparing, leveling, patching and the light repair of masonry surfaces as well as for broad wall rendering.

Designed to provide the best performance in the preparation of masonry surfaces for over coating with a Dulux AcraTex 3 coat system. Our preparation product range ensures that your texture-coating project will be a long term success.

The range consists of surface cleaners, acrylic patching compounds, primers, as well as acrylic and cement based render products for broad wall rendering or skim coating.


A stylish range of high build, granular, 100% pure acrylic texture coatings that are applied by hawk and trowel for a very attractive, flat, sand finish. The Trowel On range are extremely attractive, tough, and water resistant finished.


950 Roll On range consists of granular and non-granular water based acrylic texture coatings, designed for fast convenient application, providing protection with style to masonry substrates. Available in a selection of different finishes, delivering greater choice of decorative finish and overall appeal.


952 Spray On 1mm is applied by a texture spray unit or hopper gun, is an ideal product choice for large low-lying wall areas.

Spray On provides the ability for fast application and consistent texture appearance. This sequence upgrades the total coating system significantly in terms of coating strength and coating flexibility.